Scholarship & Service

The Maud Wyatt Educational Trust is a trust that was bequeathed to the KICF in 1961. Its initial principal was about $300,000.  The intent of the MWET is for the funds “to be fairly and equitably distributed among the private colleges and universities which may be participants” in the KICF and “for the sole purpose of aiding in their general educational work.” We have been distributing the net income from that initial amount as part of our unrestricted biannual KICF distributions ever since. 

In the Fall of 2017, our leadership deciding to change how MWET income was distributed, re-designating MWET funds to be used for KICF-Maud Wyatt Recognition Scholarships – one for each KICF member institution in good standing. This will replace the old KICF Recognition Scholarship (which only provided funds to one student across all of KICF) and instead allow us to celebrate 20 talented KICF students, their service and successes. 

And now celebrate we shall. As of August 2nd, 2018, the following 19 scholars have all been notified of their award. Each of our Scholarship recipients have demonstrated leadership, character, attention to academic excellence, and an appreciation for the impact that a private college education has had on his/her life and how that private college education has prepared him/her for a lifetime of personal and professional fulfillment. Some highlights include:

"Because Benedictine is a liberal arts school, I have had the opportunity to take many classes I never would have normally. I believe I have become a more well-rounded individual because of this. I’ve also had the opportunity to practice my public speaking skills as well." Katelyn Engelbert

"I have been held to higher standard since the student/faculty relationship is much more individualized...I have been able to excel in my classes while also developing my leadership skills and furthering my volunteering and pre-professional experiences. I feel confident that I have the ability to succeed at the graduate level by attending Baker University." Allie Howland

"I have been inspired and encouraged [by my] instructors and have loved experiencing their excitement for their work. It has helped instill in me a firm commitment to always pursue my passions and to also share that passion with those I come into contact with." James Blanch

"Future students may honor me someday with a scholarship [for] non-traditional learners, because I don't fit the mold of a college student, but I was successful. If you follow your dreams and want something bad enough, it will happen for you. That is the legacy I want to leave for my children and for all future students of Donnelly College." Alaina Robinson

These awards have a dual purpose. First, it honors the student for a record of achievements in the classroom and contributions to the community. At the same time, it honors a group of individuals and organizations who have supported private colleges in the state of Kansas for more than four decades—individuals and organizations who care deeply about students and their potential for leading and serving. Congratulations to our 2018 honorees.

From Baker University, Allie Howland, an Exercise Science major and native of Lawrence, KS, with a 3.84 GPA

From Benedictine College, Katelyn Engelbert, an Accounting & Finance major from Norton, KS, with a 3.72 GPA

From Bethany College, Kayla Borell, a Visual Art Administration major from Lindsborg, KS, with a 3.67 GPA

From Bethel College, Candy Dao, a Pre-Med Biology major and a resident of Salina, KS, with a 3.84 GPA

From Central Christian College of Kansas, Dylan Sabatos, a Pre-Law major from Burlington, KS, with a 3.59 GPA

From Cleveland University – Kansas City, James Blanch, a Human Biology major from Gladstone, MO, with a 3.74 GPA

From Donnelly College, Alaina Robinson, a Nursing major and native of Kansas City, KS, with a 3.80 GPA

From Friends University, Mason Biehler, an Education major and resident of McPherson, KS, with a 3.55 GPA

From Hesston College, Ivonee Ledesma, an Elementary Education major and native of Wichita, KS, with a 4.0 GPA

From Kansas Wesleyan University, Autumn Zimmerman, a Pre-Law major from Salina, KS, with a 3.98 GPA

From Manhattan Christian College, Ben Warren, a Bible Leadership major local to Manhattan, KS, with a 3.83 GPA

From McPherson College, Micaila Curtis, a Biology major and native of Great Bend, KS, with a 3.87 GPA 

From MidAmerica Nazarene University, Katelyn Andersen, a Kinesiology major from Omaha, NE, with a 3.73 GPA

From Newman University, Ashleigh Taylor, a Theatre major local to Wichita, KS, with a 3.80 GPA 

From Ottawa University, Paige Simpson, a Business Economics major and a resident of Salina, KS, with a 3.52 GPA 

From Southwestern College, Aidan Wells Filbert, a Music Performance major from Wichita, KS, with a 3.87 GPA

From Sterling College, Mikaela Wells, a Secondary Math Education major and native of Haven, KS, with a 3.90 GPA 

From Tabor College, Naima Mexsen Murra, an Accounting & Finance major from Torreon, Mexico, with a 3.74 GPA

From University of St. Mary, Nicole Stimetz, a Nursing Major and resident of Kansas City, KS, with a 4.0 GPA

Photos of all the winners can be found in our annual Factbook. Download a copy here.

PAST Recognition Scholarship Recipients

We celebrate our past winners, thank them for their service to community and the KICA/F family. Their insight into the value of a private, independent education is also remarkable. Some of our favorite highlights include:

“Being a part of such a supportive school has allowed me to pursue my passions.”

“They have shown me that personal and professional success is not only measured by how successful you are, but what you do with your success. I think this summarizes how attending an independent institution has prepared me as a professional and a person.”

“The level of care and interaction that I receive from my professors has been instrumental in preparing me for my future success in medicine and beyond.”

“The experiences I’ve had have taught me how to be a good leader and teammate, work hard, persevere, get out of my comfort zone, and stick to my beliefs. Though there are many more things I have learned here, these skills will especially help me succeed in life after college, whether it be personal success or professional.”

2017: Kiley Varney, Bethel College

2016: Tyler Bade, Manhattan Christian College

2015: Hannah Kelley, Sterling College

2014: Christina Ward, University of Saint Mary

2013: Ashley Werner, Baker University

2012: Veronica Davis, Friends University

2011: Amanda Just, Ottawa University

2010: Matthew Hershberger, Bethel College

2009: Brent Stutzman, Bethel College

2009: Megan Renehan, Baker University

2008: Dane Baxa, Kansas Wesleyan University

2007: Yuta Kawarasaki, Ottawa University

2007: Katie Hill, McPherson College

2006: Bliss Hartnett, Baker University

2005: Robert Ullom, McPherson College

2004: Amy Lynn Newby, Friends University

2003: Wilma Mueller, Bethel College

2002: Shelley Good, Southwestern College

2001: Leila Zakirova, Bethany College

2000: Deborah Armbruster, Tabor College

1999: Shawn Papon, Southwestern College

1998: Cardelia Reeves, Donnelly College

1997: David Wilson, Bethel College

1996: Johnola Anderson, Donnelly College