KICA Business Affiliates Program

In 1976, the Kansas Independent College Association was created to speak for the value of Kansas’ twenty independent colleges and universities. We seek to strengthen those institutions through collaboration, governmental advocacy, and public engagement all aimed at supporting the ability of students to choose and afford an independent college education that fits their goals.

Today, we know that strengthening the Independent College Community includes the relationships and partnerships our institutions have with the vendors that offer the goods, programs, services, and insights to our nineteen member colleges and universities. That is why we offer the KICA Business Affiliates Program. 

All of our current BAP members are featured here on this website, in an annual Print Guide and are provided with direct introductions to campus decision makers. A study by Baylor University’s Keller Center for Research reported that the success rate of cold calls to appointments is only 0.3%. Our program is explicitly designed to help businesses market their products and services to our member colleges in a fair, transparent, and productive manner. Membership in the Program is open to any business with an interest in serving higher education communities like the KICA network.
KICA offers no obligations, endorsements, warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, regarding the products and/or services of any of its Affiliate Program members. However, KICA is grateful for those who have an understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by independent colleges. For those reasons, we do rely on, and recommend, our Business Affiliates Program members as our subject matter experts in their field.  That expertise is featured in our affiliate newsletter sent to our member campuses monthly. Download and review the April 2020  edition.  

To become a KICA Business Affiliate, please contact us for more information.