In 1985, KICA reached out to notable alumni of the network to ask for their thoughts on their Kansas Independent Higher Education. This collection of comments was recently rediscovered. We share them here as a tribute to our schools, their alumni, their legacy, and the community we share now, and always. 



Robert C. Harder was a graduate of Baker University in 1951 and went on to become the Secretary of the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitative Services.  






Joyce V. Romero was an alumna of Benedictine College who went on to become Secretary of the Kansas Department on Aging.






Dr. Paul Albrecht graduated from Bethel College and went on to become Executive Vice President and Dean of the Claremont Graduate School of Claremont College.








Robert (Bob) Smith was a graduate of Central Christian College of Kansas. His accomplishments include becoming VP for Advancement of Greenville College and working as an Olympic Games Planner.







Therese Horvat, Donnelly class of 1968 (below), and Glenda Ruffin, Donnelly College class of 1978 (right), both share beautiful stories and reflections of an adult education tradition going back 40 years. 




















This story of community big AND small, shared by Stephen Fink, KWU class of 1966, may be our favorite. 







The commitment of KICA schools to adult education goes back over 50 years. This bio of W. Edgar Moore, Mid America Nazarene (the College) University class of 1972 should inspire students today. 















Sadly this quote is unattributed, but it holds true today. 



Marvin Barkis (above) went on to be the Kansas House Minority Leader, while Ton Casado (below) became the mayor of Wichita. 






Acknowledging the "ambiguities of life" still isn't easy. Sterling Alumni Joe McFarland does it so well in his tribute to Kansas. 










Kim Jost graduated from Tabor College in 1967 and went on to be an international commercial airline pilot and a great philanthropist. 




And finally we found, while not personal statements, evidence that our signature campaign - #DreamBigThinkSmall - has been true for decades.