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Kansas Independent College Association (KICA) members include seventeen primarily four-year baccalaureate level institutions and three primarily two-year associate level institutions. High school students preparing to choose the setting in which they will continue their education should be aware of these colleges and universities and the opportunities they provide for postsecondary educational study.

These institutions include the oldest and newest non-proprietary universities in the state; enrollments as small as 300 and as large as 3,600; and campuses in urban environments, suburban settings, medium sized towns, and small rural communities. As a whole, their undergraduate enrollment is 51% female, 49% male, while nearly 99% of first-year students at independent colleges and universities in Kansas receive some form of financial aid through grants and scholarships. If you want to get your degree within four years, you should know that 71% of graduates of Kansas Independent Colleges and Universities accomplish that goal, compared to just 48% of graduates from the Sunflower State’s public colleges. For ten consecutive years, the average full-time undergraduate tuition and fees at KICA four-year institutions has been at least 25% below the national average at four-year nonprofit institutions. And when you do graduate, you’ll be joining the family of nearly 300,000 living alumni of Kansas’ independent colleges and universities, about one-third of which live and work in Kansas.

KICA member colleges and universities are all not-for-profit institutions. In fact, collectively, our 20 member institutions gave out close to $160 million in privately financed student aid last year. That total makes us the single largest private charity in the state.

All of our members offer undergraduate degrees, are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, have their main campus and the majority of its degree-seeking students physically attending within Kansas, and adhere to open enrollment policies as defined by Kansas law.