Scholarship & Service

The Maud Wyatt Educational Trust is a trust that was bequeathed to the KICF in 1961. Its initial principal was about $300,000.  The intent of the MWET is for the funds “to be fairly and equitably distributed among the private colleges and universities which may be participants” in the KICF and “for the sole purpose of aiding in their general educational work.” We have been distributing the net income from that initial amount as part of our unrestricted biannual KICF distributions ever since. 

In the Fall of 2017, our leadership deciding to change how MWET income was distributed, re-designating MWET funds to be used for KICF-Maud Wyatt Recognition Scholarships – one for each KICF member institution in good standing. This will replace the old KICF Recognition Scholarship (which only provided funds to one student across all of KICF) and instead allow us to celebrate 20 talented KICF students, their service and successes. 

And now celebrate we shall. As of May 26th, 2020, the following 20 scholars have all been notified of their award. Each of our Scholarship recipients have demonstrated leadership, character, attention to academic excellence, appreciation for the impact that a private college education has had on his/her life, and an understanding of how that private college education has prepared them for a lifetime of personal and professional fulfillment. Some highlights from our winners' personal statements include:

"They do not just feed us information. They teach us information through the application of skills and traits that will allow us to be successful in life." Derek Bivens

"Before applying to colleges, I had no idea what the difference between a non-profit and for-profit university was. So, I did my research and discovered that non-profit universities use the money they make from tuition and put it back into the curriculum and students. This means that every semester I attend Ottawa University, I know that my education will be even more enriching than it was the semester before. It feels good that my university wants to invest in me over shareholders. As I thought about it more, I realized that this also meant that the staff and administration would actually care about me. I wouldn’t just be a number and a check. I knew that I would rather go to a school that invests in its students." Elizabeth Hernandez

"My experience at Sterling has allowed me to hone my skills in connecting with people that come from different backgrounds and hold different worldviews." Blake Gladson

"As a biology major, I am continually challenged, not only by my professors and my classes, but also through the Newman Studies Program and the Honors Program. I feel that my experiences with Newman’s academics have formed me into a well-rounded student—prepared for the challenges of the next step in my education." Marie Moore

"I was attending Sumner Academy for my high school education, they took us on a field trip to Donnelly College to motivate students such as myself to further their education no matter what it took to get there. After that field trip, I knew that Donnelly College would give me the chance that I was so desperate for. Coming from an immigrant family, education held a very important place in my life and the emphasis that my family, especially my grandparents, placed on getting an education had made me feel like going to college was a must and not just an option." Salma Ramirez  

These awards have a dual purpose. First, they honor the student for a record of achievement in the classroom and contribution to their community. At the same time, they honor a group of individuals and organizations who have supported private colleges in the state of Kansas for more than four decades—individuals and organizations who care deeply about students and their potential for leading and serving.

Congratulations to our 2020 honorees:

  •  - From Baker University, Derek Bivens, a Physics Major from Knob Noster, MO, with a GPA of 3.79
  •  - From Barclay College, Will Hoving, a Psychology major from Bristol, ME, with a 4.0 GPA
  •  - From Benedictine College, Sebastion Orth, a Secondary Education major and native of Wichita, KS, with a GPA of 3.64
  •  - From Bethany College, Sydney Walker, an Elementary Education major from Bartlesville, OK, with a GPA of 3.74
  •  - From Bethel College, Abby Schmidt, a Business Administration major and a resident of Newton, KS, with a GPA of 3.98
  •  - From Central Christian College of Kansas, Breana Miller, an Elementary Education major from Phoenix, AZ, with a GPA of 3.97
  •  - From Cleveland University–Kansas City, Sophie Yancey, an Occupational Therapy major from Independence, MO, with a GPA of 3.52
  •  - From Donnelly College, Salma Ramirez, a Liberal Arts major and native of Kansas City, KS, with a 4.0 GPA
  •  - From Friends University, Katie Cox, a Music Education major and resident of Rose Hill, KS, with a 4.0 GPA
  •  - From Hesston College, Natalie Ladd, a Social Work major and native of Hesston, KS, with a 4.0 GPA
  •  - From Kansas Wesleyan University, Jacob Lovell, a Biomedical Chemistry major from Junction City, KS, with a GPA of 3.64
  •  - From Manhattan Christian College, Beth Warren, a Christian Ministry major and resident of Manhattan, KS, with a GPA of 3.99
  •  - From McPherson College, Aaron Leck, a Biology major local to McPherson, KS, with a GPA of 3.51
  •  - From MidAmerica Nazarene University, Nathanial Alexander, a Youth & Family Ministry major from Union, MO with a GPA of 3.61
  •  - From Newman University, Marie Moore, a Biology major local to Wichita, KS, with a 4.0 GPA
  •  - From Ottawa University, Elizabeth Hernandez, a Vocal Music Education major from Osawatomie, KS, with a GPA of 3.91
  •  - From Southwestern College, Taite Saldana, a Psychology major and resident of Augusta, KS, with a GPA of 3.78
  •  - From Sterling College, Blake Gladson, an Applied Mathematics major from Odessa, TX, with a 4.0 GPA
  •  - From Tabor College, Nathan Kemling, a Music Education major from Grant, NE, with a GPA of 3.82
  •  - From University of Saint Mary, Megan Cutting, a Nursing major from McPherson, KS, with a GPA of 3.90

PAST Recognition Scholarship Recipients

We celebrate our past winners, and thank them for their service to community and the KICA/F family. Their insight into the value of a private, independent education was remarkable; some of our favorite highlights include:


"I hope to help further the respect and appreciation that my fellow classmates and I have for our professors and all the extra time they put in to help us succeed. I would like to be able to return to Baker in 10, 15 20 or 50 years and see the same love and commitment in the students and faculty that is present now. I believe that part of what makes Baker so powerful is the respect that is afforded to everyone and I hope that my example will further that." Caelan Rogers

"My time at Barclay has pushed me and broadened my understanding of God, Scripture, theology, and the Church through my classes, conversations with my professors, the opportunity of being the women's dorm chaplain this coming school year, and through a summer internship. I have also grown as a dancer and choreographer while at Barclay through participating in our two spring musicals and through teaching ballet to local children. I am very grateful for my time at Barclay because it has prepared me for ministry through book knowledge, [and] building relationships with my professors who I know I can call on even after I graduate." Ashley Weinacht

"McPherson College has provided me with the resources to start the career planning process and get a head start on post-graduation planning. With the help from my professors and the Career Connections program through the college, I have been able to take the first steps of becoming an associate actuary." Kento Aizawa

"My teachers at Tabor have been so positive and encouraging every time I tell them my long term goal is to run an orphanage. Even though it may not be exactly what I am studying, they have given me tips on how to handle lots of kids and prayed with me through everything. They care about each student." Tassanee Sanchez

"Because of the experiences I have had at Saint Mary I have become a more self assured individual with the enthusiasm and drive to make a positive impact on the world. I can say with certainty that I would not be the person I am today, nor would I be pursuing such lofty goals, had I not been enrolled at the University of Saint Mary." Rachel Thomas