KICA formed our own Online Course Sharing Consortium in August of 2018. The goal of this consortium was to enable KICA institutions to flex their curriculum at key junctures to provide their students additional options to catch up or make progress, primarily through online options provided by other KICA institutions or through College Consortium's broader network.

•19 KICA institutions (out of 20) have joined the KICA consortium, and 15 of those institutions are "live" on the College Consortium platform.
•12 of 15 live institutions are actively booking enrollments, and since August 2018 these institutions have booked 409 enrollments (305 Enrolling Institution enrollments, 104 Teaching Institution enrollments).
•Recently, the number of available courses from KICA members doubled, because Ottawa University has now become live on the platform, adding their extensive inventory to the strong list of courses already offered by Central Christian, Friends, MidAmerica Nazarene, and Baker.