A Community of Constant Learning

Collectively, the 20 member schools of the Kansas Independent College Association provide jobs to over 4,000 people, making us one of the top 25 employers in the Sunflower State. As such, we want to ensure that our team of professional faculty and staff have access to the best possible professional development. 

When planning learning, networking, and brainstorming events, the KICA focus is always to be a catalyst for our members to think with purpose and act with vision. We prioritize strategy and innovation to enhance the ability of these events to become consortium of barrier breakers. 

We do all these events and convenings to provide the professional development and continuing education for our campus' professionals so that they can continue to provide the best education and opportunities for their students. KICA gets to see the fruit of their labor every year at our annual Student Day at the Capitol:

To be a participant, one must be currently employed by a KICA member institution or an invited guest. To be a sponsor or exhibitor, one must be a current Business Affiliate Program member. However, if you have an educational workshop or presentation that you believe would be an asset to our efforts, please contact Jesyca Hope, our Director of Member Programs.